Alright, so another week has passed and more progress has been made.  I never fully understood the dedication that a novel takes.  It takes an incredible amount of time and effort, which can be frustrating at times, but so rewarding at others.  To keep myself motivated I have been trying to visualize what it will feel like when I can sit back with a complete printed novel in my hands.  Man oh man, that will feel amazing.

Sabrina, I have not forgotten about your post and I will keep my promise of another excerpt in your honor.  I have been distracted by, what else.....writing!!  Finishing the novel is so close, but so far away, and I just keep plugging away at it to the detriment of the site.  It will come shortly though Sabrina, I promise!!!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who visits the site.  Even though people are not posting comments, I still know the site gets rather steady traffic, which excites me even more. 

Well, thats enough for this week.  I hope you all enjoy the site.  See you next week!!
Well, it has been a week, so I guess that means it is time to update the "Weekly" blog.  Not much has been done to the site.  No new sample from the novel this week, nothing new on the childrens book either.  I have written a little bit more on my short story, but my focus has been the novel.  I would say that I am probably sitting near 70% of the rough draft complete, which in writing terms, means I am far from finished, but still much closer than I have been for the last four years that I did not write. 

My next plan for the website will be to get into contact with an old friend of mine, who is also a writer, and see if he wants to create links on my page to his work and vice versa.  I am also looking for artist connections as well, not only to advertise their site through mine, but to also colaborate on work together.  If you know of anyone trying to get started in either field, please let me know. 

I wish I could do this full time, however this does not pay the bills.  So I will keep slowly plugging away until the novel is complete.  I will stick it out......will you?  :)
Well, it's been a very loooong week and unfortunately, not much has been accomplished with the site or with my novel.  All I have been able to do this week was rewrite bits of the novel and rough draft a few paragraphs of my short story.  I did get to post a new excerpt from "The Shield of Algaron" though, so all two of you that visit my site should head over there and check it out (I'm rather proud of it).  I am alright with my recent laziness, but I refuse to shoulder the blame; DAMN YOU daylight savings time :)

Tomorrow is a new day and motivation will be high.  Maybe some coffee will do the trick and help overcome my tired demeanor.  Anyway, I apologize for the lack of new content and hope to charge forward renewed and enthusiastic, bringing more to the site.

Again, I would like to thank those that actually visit the site.  I have had many comments outside of the site like texts and calls, but none have commented on site.  Please feel free to comment.  I will also try to see if I can place a forum section on the site as well, to encourage more interaction.  Not sure if I can, but it's something I will work on.  Thanks for the support all!!!
Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I have updated all sections of this site as of today.  The excerpt section might appear the same but it has been redone and flows much better.  I hope you enjoy it.  Eplanations have been placed within the other sections as well describing a little of what is going on withing them. 

I am trying to keep this an ever changing thing so it keeps everyone who visits the site interested in whats available.  Soon I plan to add a couple more sections to the site, but they depend on how things go with my other projects.  A comic section as well as an art section with links to those that are helping me are possibilities.

I implore all of you to comment whether you think I am the worst writer that ever lived or just adequate.  I understand I have a ways to go, but feedback is the only way I can get any better.  Remember to add me to your twitter accounts, facebook, etc.  The website should be able to be googled soon, hopefully from that point on a small following can build.  I have big plans for this site and if it goes well at this level I will be getting a more professional one done by next year. 

Keep visiting and sharing with your friends if you see fit.  I hope to keep as many people as possible entertained in the years to come!!!!
    Ok, I know that I stated this would be a weekly blog, but alot has happened recently, even though it may not seem that way with the lack of posts on the site.  
    I was thinking today about an old poem I had written back in my sophomore year in High School.  It is one that has stuck with me through the years and it may seem dated and juvenile, but it has always held a special place in my heart and mind.  It was the first writing in which I put love and emotion out in the open.  I figured I would post it for your enjoyment/amusement :) so here goes.

Because the night belongs to lovers the night belongs to us
Like little boys and girls with their first gigantic crush
The only two on earth is all I'd care to be
But that wont be accomplished until eternity.
Sometimes we'll disagree and maybe we'll like others
But just avoid temptation because the night belongs to lovers

    Besides the poem have have been writing as much as I can with the limited time I have available.  I have recently been in contact with an old friend that is now working with me on my childrens book.  He will be doing the art within the book.  If this colaboration goes well I will be posting his artwork on my site along with contact information in case others want to hire him for their own projects.  Further updates soon in regards to this.

    Multiple short stories are also in the works.  I hope to have at least a rough draft up within the next two weeks.  But one never knows when it comes to work, family, and home.  Bear with me and please check back often.  I also ask that you follow me on twitter #Waltershores.  Hope everyone has a great week.  Talk to you all soon.