Well, it has been a week, so I guess that means it is time to update the "Weekly" blog.  Not much has been done to the site.  No new sample from the novel this week, nothing new on the childrens book either.  I have written a little bit more on my short story, but my focus has been the novel.  I would say that I am probably sitting near 70% of the rough draft complete, which in writing terms, means I am far from finished, but still much closer than I have been for the last four years that I did not write. 

My next plan for the website will be to get into contact with an old friend of mine, who is also a writer, and see if he wants to create links on my page to his work and vice versa.  I am also looking for artist connections as well, not only to advertise their site through mine, but to also colaborate on work together.  If you know of anyone trying to get started in either field, please let me know. 

I wish I could do this full time, however this does not pay the bills.  So I will keep slowly plugging away until the novel is complete.  I will stick it out......will you?  :)

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