Alright, so another week has passed and more progress has been made.  I never fully understood the dedication that a novel takes.  It takes an incredible amount of time and effort, which can be frustrating at times, but so rewarding at others.  To keep myself motivated I have been trying to visualize what it will feel like when I can sit back with a complete printed novel in my hands.  Man oh man, that will feel amazing.

Sabrina, I have not forgotten about your post and I will keep my promise of another excerpt in your honor.  I have been distracted by, what else.....writing!!  Finishing the novel is so close, but so far away, and I just keep plugging away at it to the detriment of the site.  It will come shortly though Sabrina, I promise!!!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who visits the site.  Even though people are not posting comments, I still know the site gets rather steady traffic, which excites me even more. 

Well, thats enough for this week.  I hope you all enjoy the site.  See you next week!!

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