Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I have updated all sections of this site as of today.  The excerpt section might appear the same but it has been redone and flows much better.  I hope you enjoy it.  Eplanations have been placed within the other sections as well describing a little of what is going on withing them. 

I am trying to keep this an ever changing thing so it keeps everyone who visits the site interested in whats available.  Soon I plan to add a couple more sections to the site, but they depend on how things go with my other projects.  A comic section as well as an art section with links to those that are helping me are possibilities.

I implore all of you to comment whether you think I am the worst writer that ever lived or just adequate.  I understand I have a ways to go, but feedback is the only way I can get any better.  Remember to add me to your twitter accounts, facebook, etc.  The website should be able to be googled soon, hopefully from that point on a small following can build.  I have big plans for this site and if it goes well at this level I will be getting a more professional one done by next year. 

Keep visiting and sharing with your friends if you see fit.  I hope to keep as many people as possible entertained in the years to come!!!!

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