Been rather lazy this last week with all things writing.  My site still needs work and I have written very little of anything.  I think I'm allowed a break here and there though.  Even with the laziness comes some progress.  I have sent out my short story "The Harvesters" to a couple of different magazines.  I know its not cool to do multiple submissions, however I am counting on being rejected alot so I'm just hoping somebody bites.
I have also begun outlining "The Shield of Algaron II" (working title).  About ten chapters are outlined.  I have also done a final revision on the first chapter of "The Shield of Algaron"  and it's coming together nicely.  I would like to finish my first novel completely, but I think it is also smart to start on the second part of the story and have it close to ready if the first gets picked up. 
Oh yeah, I almost forgot thaalso "Soul Hunters" rough draft is almost complete.  Ok, guess I wasnt as lazy as I thought.  Maybe my laziness just transferred to this blog.  Anyway thats about it.  See you next time peeps!!

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