Distracted by the title were you?  Well whether you were or not I just wanted to write a "quickie" post on what I have been up to in regards to my writing.  Its been a little over a week since I posted anything on the site and I feel I need to keep up with the blog or lose motivation to write and I do not want that to happen.  I have a lot of time invested into the book to quit now.

Anyway, I have been slacking in my writing this week, but I did sit down a couple times  and set up the final chapters of my book.  these chapters involve so much that they seem like another book within the novel.  There is so much going on in the last few chapters like the final battle, the introduction of new characters, death, and rebirth.  Its exciting, but daunting.  There is so much to it that I have actually found myself adding a couple more chapters, but as many writers will tell you, the book is done when the story is told, and I feel that the story is still growing even though the majority has been written.

Well I guess its back to work now (unfortunately writing will probably never pa the bills) so until next week I bid you all farewell and happy reading/writing!!

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