I can't help but get excited everytime I update the site.  It's fun to see the progress that has been made from week to week.  It actually makes me feel like I am moving in the right direction.  As usual I have updated all portions of the site, except the excerpt section, but I will probably throw one up within another week.  I have been too busy lately to fine tune a section of the book to post it, but I will be doing this shortly since I have but four chapters left that need to be written.  I feel like I am close to completion, until I realize how much I will have to edit and add as I revise it about twenty times.  Who knew writing was so much work!!

This weeks update is short partly due to the fact that I want to get back to the book, but mainly because its late and my mind is fried.  I just wanted to update a few things since its been over a week.  Enjoy the site and remember to visit often.  Thanks people!!

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