Hello people, hope your day is going swimmingly.  I have been very busy this week taking care of insurance issues in regards to my home and vehicles.  That darn storm we had a few days back damaged our property fairly well and looks like we might need a new roof, siding, and some repairs to our vehicles.  Thank goodness for insurance.

In regards to writing, I feel that this week has been very productive.  I am down to the final two chapters of my book (rough draft).  Not too bad considering that if I am lucky I get an hour or two of writing in a day (but that rarely happens).  I have also been working on three short stories, The Harvesters, Soul Chasers, and a title less work.  The Harvesters is drafted out and needs some tuning, Soul Chasers is about half way done, and my third is in the beginning stages.  I hate to jump around from project to project, but I find when I lack motivation on one, that I can flow well on another.

I also wanted to take a moment to advertise a great website for any budding authors out there.  www.mythicscribes.com is a great site with a great community.  I encourage all to become members.  Thats all for today.  Hope this finds you all in great spirits.  See ya!!

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