Hey people, how's life treating you all.  Been awhile since I did anything with the site and unfortunately that seems to be a common occurrence lately.  Life is crazy recently.  Of course I have the two children, then there is the new German Shepherd, the family of four + their dog that is living with us, new roof repair......on and on and on.  Life please slow down a bit!!!

Writing is still going.  I have made some good progress on "The Shield of Algaron" and I even plugged away a little bit more today on chapter threes re-write.  My goal is to finish the re-write of the entire novel by August, while adding about 20,000 words to it.  Not impossible!!  Hope this entry finds everyone well and thriving.  Cheers!!!
Been rather lazy this last week with all things writing.  My site still needs work and I have written very little of anything.  I think I'm allowed a break here and there though.  Even with the laziness comes some progress.  I have sent out my short story "The Harvesters" to a couple of different magazines.  I know its not cool to do multiple submissions, however I am counting on being rejected alot so I'm just hoping somebody bites.
I have also begun outlining "The Shield of Algaron II" (working title).  About ten chapters are outlined.  I have also done a final revision on the first chapter of "The Shield of Algaron"  and it's coming together nicely.  I would like to finish my first novel completely, but I think it is also smart to start on the second part of the story and have it close to ready if the first gets picked up. 
Oh yeah, I almost forgot thaalso "Soul Hunters" rough draft is almost complete.  Ok, guess I wasnt as lazy as I thought.  Maybe my laziness just transferred to this blog.  Anyway thats about it.  See you next time peeps!!