Well, it has been a long time since I wrote anything and it's quite exciting to get back into something I truly enjoy doing.  It is a strange thing to do it in such a fashion as this, since I have for so long held my writings to only a select few people.  Hopefully I have gotten past the fear of criticism and rejection and can now share my work with more people.  I do not claim to be the greatest writer around, however I do hope that anything I put down on this site will be enjoyable to read.  Remember that I am writer, editor, and web designer so there may be errors here and there throughout my work.  It should be fairly error free though :)

I have recently posted an unfinished portion of my first book.  It is a fantasy novel that takes after popular titles such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  I will give further samples on the excerpt page in limited amounts.  I hope to publish that novel (The Shield of Algaron) for digital uploads to Kindle in the near future.  Hopefully those that visit my site will enjoy my stories enough to purchase the full novel once it is complete.  Check back weekly at the very least as I plan to post alot more writing once I get the site to an acceptable level.  More to come soon.  Enjoy the journey!!