Well, I am back at it again.  I have had quite the hiatus from writing, but am excited to get back at it.  I have been distracted by life in a heavy way.  I have gotten a new job working with the government and moved cross country, among a host of other things.  I have tweaked the site as well and am trying to keep it simple so I can focus on the real reason for the site.  Hopefully I am able to inch forward towards the ultimate goal of a finished product.  I am refocused, excited, and a little nervous to put a finished product out to be judged, but that's part of what comes with being a writer right?  Well, I'm off to begin again.  Thanks for visiting.  I will update again soon.
I have been chatting with other writers recently and we have been discussing description in fantasy novels.  The main back and forth is in regards to how much should there be.  I am of the belief that less is more.  There should be enough description to let people know where they are being transported to and at that point let their imaginations run wild with the specifics.  Others think that each tapestry on the wall should be described in excruciating detail even as far as where the materials come from that made it.  What do you all think?  




Hey people, how's life treating you all.  Been awhile since I did anything with the site and unfortunately that seems to be a common occurrence lately.  Life is crazy recently.  Of course I have the two children, then there is the new German Shepherd, the family of four + their dog that is living with us, new roof repair......on and on and on.  Life please slow down a bit!!!

Writing is still going.  I have made some good progress on "The Shield of Algaron" and I even plugged away a little bit more today on chapter threes re-write.  My goal is to finish the re-write of the entire novel by August, while adding about 20,000 words to it.  Not impossible!!  Hope this entry finds everyone well and thriving.  Cheers!!!
Been rather lazy this last week with all things writing.  My site still needs work and I have written very little of anything.  I think I'm allowed a break here and there though.  Even with the laziness comes some progress.  I have sent out my short story "The Harvesters" to a couple of different magazines.  I know its not cool to do multiple submissions, however I am counting on being rejected alot so I'm just hoping somebody bites.
I have also begun outlining "The Shield of Algaron II" (working title).  About ten chapters are outlined.  I have also done a final revision on the first chapter of "The Shield of Algaron"  and it's coming together nicely.  I would like to finish my first novel completely, but I think it is also smart to start on the second part of the story and have it close to ready if the first gets picked up. 
Oh yeah, I almost forgot thaalso "Soul Hunters" rough draft is almost complete.  Ok, guess I wasnt as lazy as I thought.  Maybe my laziness just transferred to this blog.  Anyway thats about it.  See you next time peeps!!
These last few weeks have been crazy and I'm not just talking about personally.  We have flooding along the Mississippi, volcanoes in Iceland, tornadoes in the heartland, and unfulfilled rapture predictions of May 21st.  Holy cow!  
Amongst that chaos I have tried to remain focused upon my writing and not get distracted by too much nightly news.  The focus has paid off and I was able to complete "The Harvesters" last night.  I have gone through it multiple times and will do so once again tonight.  If I feel it is ready I will be sending it off to Tor.com for their evaluation and hopefully they will see fit to give it a few pages in their magazine.  Unfortunately, it will take months to find out what they think, but in my opinion it will be worth the wait (even if they say it's the worst piece of trash they ever read).
Just thought I would keep up the blog and keep you all up to date.  Now it's time to get back to finishing the novel.  I think I need more hours in the day.  Peace.
Alright, I have some good news today.  I have finished my rough draft for "The Shield of Algaron."  35 chapters, 200 pages, and 67,000 words down on paper right now.  I am hoping to add about 50,ooo more words in the rewrite as I add more description and dialogue. 
It's always exciting when a major step is complete.  Usually I celebrate a chapter being finished, but today I can celebrate the book (in essence) being complete.  I think I will have a drink tonight to celebrate.
Hope this finds everyone well.  Enjoy today, for tomorrow is but a shadow of possibility that may not be realized.  Cheers.
Hello people, hope your day is going swimmingly.  I have been very busy this week taking care of insurance issues in regards to my home and vehicles.  That darn storm we had a few days back damaged our property fairly well and looks like we might need a new roof, siding, and some repairs to our vehicles.  Thank goodness for insurance.

In regards to writing, I feel that this week has been very productive.  I am down to the final two chapters of my book (rough draft).  Not too bad considering that if I am lucky I get an hour or two of writing in a day (but that rarely happens).  I have also been working on three short stories, The Harvesters, Soul Chasers, and a title less work.  The Harvesters is drafted out and needs some tuning, Soul Chasers is about half way done, and my third is in the beginning stages.  I hate to jump around from project to project, but I find when I lack motivation on one, that I can flow well on another.

I also wanted to take a moment to advertise a great website for any budding authors out there.  www.mythicscribes.com is a great site with a great community.  I encourage all to become members.  Thats all for today.  Hope this finds you all in great spirits.  See ya!!




What a wild week it has been!  The storms that traversed the south took a heavy toll on some of the houses in our area here in TN and although we were hit relatively hard with lightning, hail, and tornadoes, nothing was quite as bad as the damage in AL.  My heart goes out to those in AL, for even though you will receive the funds and repairs needed for your cities and homes, nothing will replace those lost during the storms.  Hoping a speedy recovery for you all.
Distracted by the title were you?  Well whether you were or not I just wanted to write a "quickie" post on what I have been up to in regards to my writing.  Its been a little over a week since I posted anything on the site and I feel I need to keep up with the blog or lose motivation to write and I do not want that to happen.  I have a lot of time invested into the book to quit now.

Anyway, I have been slacking in my writing this week, but I did sit down a couple times  and set up the final chapters of my book.  these chapters involve so much that they seem like another book within the novel.  There is so much going on in the last few chapters like the final battle, the introduction of new characters, death, and rebirth.  Its exciting, but daunting.  There is so much to it that I have actually found myself adding a couple more chapters, but as many writers will tell you, the book is done when the story is told, and I feel that the story is still growing even though the majority has been written.

Well I guess its back to work now (unfortunately writing will probably never pa the bills) so until next week I bid you all farewell and happy reading/writing!!
I can't help but get excited everytime I update the site.  It's fun to see the progress that has been made from week to week.  It actually makes me feel like I am moving in the right direction.  As usual I have updated all portions of the site, except the excerpt section, but I will probably throw one up within another week.  I have been too busy lately to fine tune a section of the book to post it, but I will be doing this shortly since I have but four chapters left that need to be written.  I feel like I am close to completion, until I realize how much I will have to edit and add as I revise it about twenty times.  Who knew writing was so much work!!

This weeks update is short partly due to the fact that I want to get back to the book, but mainly because its late and my mind is fried.  I just wanted to update a few things since its been over a week.  Enjoy the site and remember to visit often.  Thanks people!!